Take control of your Oxford, Conyers & Snellville, GA home

Take control of your Oxford, Conyers & Snellville, GA home

Ameritech Pest Solutions will rid your home of house fly infestation

Have you ever been in your home, at a restaurant or other public place and had to swat away pesky bugs? Most likely you were swatting away a house fly. House flies are the most common fly type that you’ll encounter on a day to day basis.

Not only are house flies the most common fly type, but they are also the most common insect in the entire world. If you notice house flies in your home, and more than just one or two that could have come in while the door was open, you could have a serious fly problem.

House flies are known to reproduce in unsanitary areas, such as garbage cans, and if you have an infestation you can be exposed to one of the many diseases that they carry, such as food poisoning. Not only can house flies cause disease in humans, but also in animals. Your beloved pets are at risk when you don’t take control and call an expert.

Shoo, Fly, Don't Bother Me

At Ameritech Pest Solutions, we have the expertise to know exactly where to find the areas of reproduction and growth of the house flies. It might even be an area that’s been overlooked, such as an uncovered trashcan just outside your door or even a hole in the screen on your window.

Call our expert today to rid your home of these pesky insects and ensure disease cannot spread throughout your home.