fruit fly infestation snellville ga

Ensure your produce stays fresher for longer

Ameritech Pest Solutions can take care of your fruit fly infestation in Oxford, Conyers, Loganville, or Snellville, GA

Fruit flies are common pests in homes, restaurants, and grocery stores. Wherever food is allowed to sit out and have the potential to rot, fruit flies are sure to be close by. Not only are fruit flies attracted to the fruits and vegetables that are sitting out to ripen, but they also are drawn to beer, wine, and liquor.

So how do you know if you have a fruit fly problem? Fruit flies are small, brown, and can be found near those fruits and vegetables, in the drain, and garbage can.

If you notice fruit flies in your home, call Ameritech Pest Solutions right away. Fruit flies are a serious problem and once they start reproducing, females can lay around 500 eggs that hatch within a day or two. Your fruit fly problem can quickly become an alarming issue that is difficult to control. At Ameritech Pest Solutions, our pest experts know how to take charge and nip your fruit fly problem in the bud.

Do not ignore fruit flies in your home

If fruit flies aren’t addressed from the beginning, you’ll risk having your food contaminated and bacteria can spread across your kitchen and anywhere else the flies come in contact with.

Call Ameritech Pest Solutions today to rid your home of fruit flies in Oxford, Conyers, Loganville, or Snellville, GA. We understand that every home is different and we can create a personalized solution for you. Once we take care of your fruit fly problem, we will give you tips on how to prevent the infestation from happening again.