Relax in an Earwig-Free Environment

Relax in an Earwig-Free Environment

Arrange for earwig removal services in Oxford or Conyers, GA

Earwigs aren't so much dangerous as they are annoying and smelly. Their pincers, though scary in appearance, are actually harmless. Choose Ameritech Pest Solutions for earwig removal services in Conyers or Oxford, GA. We can exterminate every last earwig in your home so you won't have to worry about sharing your interior with stinky bugs any longer.

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Learn how to identify earwigs

Ameritech Pest Solutions offers earwig control services in Oxford and Conyers, GA. You might have an earwig problem if you're seeing bugs that:

  • Are about ¾ of an inch long
  • Have long, slender, grey bodies
  • Have two very noticeable forceps on their tails

Don't let earwigs damage your plants and gross out your guests. Schedule earwig removal services by calling 678-591-6243 now.