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Are ants taking over your Loganville, Oxford, Conyers, or Snellville, GA homes?

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Most people would agree that ants are a close second to the house fly for the peskiest pests. There are many, many types of ants, but in Georgia the three most common types of household ants are:

• Argentine Ants
• Fire Ants
• Carpenter Ants

The Argentine ant is small and brown and is the most common type of household pest in Loganville, Oxford, Conyers & Snellville, GA. Carpenter ants are larger and typically black in color. Fire ants are the type people try to avoid the most, as they inflict painful bites and stings.

Since Argentine ants are the most common household pest in the state, it is important to understand the risk of infestation. Argentine ants reproduce quickly and can have thousands of workers. They’ve also been known to invade entire city blocks.

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If you notice an ant problem in your Loganville, Oxford, Conyers, or Snellville, GA home, you need to call Ameritech Pest Solutions right away to schedule an appointment to rid your home of them. We understand that every home, office, and building is different, so we will be able to customize a solution that best fits your needs.

Most ants live in moist areas like soil, mulch, and under logs. Typically, when the weather cools off with the change of seasons, these ants will move from the outside and take shelter under the various cracks inside your house.

It’s important to realize that finding a handful of ants in your home could actually mean a much larger issue is at hand. With the rapid and aggressive reproduction of ants, several ants might lead to several hundred.

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